Dogs and cats deserve the same comfort and attention we give ourselves. Acorn transports your pets in climate controlled, pressurized compartments, ensuring the health and well being of your pet. We also have access to animal hotels where we offer professional pet care and facilities for transits.

  • Specialized accommodation and care at Animal Hotels;
  • Cats & Dogs are temporarily housed in larger kennels and given food and water during transit;
  • IATA standard kennels available in various sizes worldwide

Your pet will make its journey in a compartment of the aircraft which is well ventilated and has carefully controlled temperature and pressure to provide optimum traveling conditions. To make sure that the journey itself is as comfortable as it can be for your cat or dog, it will travel in specially designed kennels.

We can supply kennels in various sizes. It is very important that you choose the correct size of kennel. It must be large enough for your pet to stand and sit straight, to comfortably turn around and lie down in a natural position. It is essential to choose a kennel that is not too large!

Pre-conditions & documentation

Only cats and dogs of 10 weeks or older are eligible to travel with most airlines. Your pet requires specific documentation according to the regulations of the country of destination. This must include at least a valid health certificate signed by a qualified veterinarian, and a valid rabies inoculation certificate.